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Standing at the forefront of Japan / Overseas music scene

Music in the generation of “eating macdonald, drinking Coca-Cola and watching Youtube”

-Is there any changes though Kiku-rin’s support?
Akiyama:The best thing is the fact my network expanded. Friends we can discuss and have a conversation in the same vision like Photographer, Miri Matsufuji, Taisuke Yamada from Qetic in NY now, or TEMPLES, The Orwells... expanded tremendously.
-It used to be a dream to launch CD from foreign lebel, yet it has been an achievable goal.
Akiyama:Foreign bands are always what we have been aiming for and wanted to communicate with them. In that sense, we met a lot of people who has same vision we did not know they exists through Kiku-rin support. Of course the fact we got to meet foreign artists was huge for us, too.

-Couple days ago, I read the interview with Yogee New Waves, they said “we can totally change our generation”. “We, our age, might been thinking the same that we can change something big.”
Kikuchi:To change, I think we all, Yogee or DYGL, need to get done things we are suppose to do. DYGL need to go outside of Japan and hopefully that lead to change some of the music scene’s turn around.
It is again, America, everytime I go to America, the younger generation ask me “why Mitsume not coming?”. They know. I just think Japanese music/band have been knowing more than we think. We might be too closed.
Akiyama:that’s happening not only Japan but all over Asia. We all can interact with music though YouTube eating burgers and drinking Coca-Cola especially in Indonasia or Taipei. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but we cannot escape from that so we might as well moving forward. That applies to all over the world actually.
-Under 25 can ride that wave really well in my opinion. Some of above 25 could be hard to understand or don’t feel comfortable about it.
Akiyama:Could be.

The gap between here and world through the conversation with The Orwells.

-How are you feeling now through 6 months DYGL’s support?
Kikuchi: I was worried at the beginning what I can offer to them, but started off with letting them meet, friends, musicians like I did. Help them feel how overseas like.
Interviewed the band called The Orwells for my ZINE. Their manager was very happy about my work and I could hand them ZINE directly, then they told me that we might be able to see each other in summer at SUMMER SONIC festival.
Usually they don’t remember yet the manager contacted me says “Guide us in Tokyo!”. I have to introduce DYGL, Miri-chan (photographer) and many.

-That is exactly what coordinators do.
Kikuchi:Hard to understand the feeling you have all that... Anyway, I introduced The Orwells to Akki. it was one of the achievement. I was able to pass on their tape to member and manager, too.
Akiyama:I felt so many things that I wanted to talk to them.
Kikuchi:Even though they are young, they are accustomed to touring. I asked “Where are you going next?” they said “We are playing at festival in London” Can’t believe they are younger than me.
Akiyama:Yeah, very chilled out.
Kikuchi:When we went to Sushi restaurant with The Orwells and Akki, I asked “How’s Chicago’s music?” they said “Many bands in Chicago, we are so lucky to meet our manager, Larry, got signed and happened to be touring all over the world. we are just lucky.” I didn’t expect to hear that from the guys who acting like kid. haha The difference between us hit me and I thought we need more calmness. Akki said the same thing after SUMMER SONIC festival.
『Who Needs You/The Orwells』

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