Standing at the forefront of Japan / Overseas music scene

-The lack of experience compare to them.
Kikuchi:At the same time, we are same people after all.
Akiyama:We are all same. Same generation and influenced by same musicians.
Kikuchi: We, The Orwells and DYGL have very similar sense and it will never change. The age has come. We can make it to anything we want if we do it right.
Akiyama: I don’t want to say “We will be successful one day” when is “one day” anyway? The Orwells are teenagers and no need to step back because of the age. We should do what we need to do. It is not too hard to go overseas now. I think if what you want to do is not in Japan then you should go outside. This is the era of being able to do anything.
Gloomy or Batman Winks that are, this might be an old way to describe them, foreign taste bands, new media called 「CONDOMINIMUM」, photographers in my university Miri Matsufuji or Shiori Ikeno, also Shusaku Yoshikawa who stayed with Kiku-rin in the states. Those are people who has good value and taste.
Their works are or will recognized from all over the world and Japan although Popular culture in Japan could be galapagosed.
Although sometimes I can find the connection with both foreign and Japanese, I have been raised by foreign music and it is natural to play at foreign countries.

Kikuchi: I think it will be good effect to Japanese scene as well. It needs to be done with our generation. Of course it is for us, but it’s also for music fan, could be for writers that Japanese bands go overseas.
I remember when I was asked to be their manager, I thought this is the way I can help them. I am more like band side person.
Akiyama:Your instinct?
Kikuchi: Yes, I really know. It was a completely different on how I feel when I met The Orwells and with Akki. Through him I found myself thinking differently what they say.
Akiyama:You might be able to compare as both a band-man.
Kikuchi: Could be. Also if it was only me, then they talk to me like they talk to journalists. But Akki was here so I was able to hear how is Chicago music and so on. I might have been asking that to them even though I was by myself, yet in a different atmosphere. It was new and fresh vision that Akki and The Orwells are talking.
『Just Say It Tonight/DYGL』

Akiyama: I could not imagine when I was in High school, so it was exiting to having the conversation with musician who are touring all over the world.
Kikuchi:It’s an opportunity to think of what we can do again.
Akiyama: When we heard Kiku-rin will be out of Japan again in March, we thought it might be a destiny telling us we should go as well. Never know what is going to happen next year, but we are at least moving forward. It’s hard to think of saving money and so on.
Kikuchi: You(Akki) are doing well and your situation changes so you need to keep updating your thoughts, too.
Akiyama: It definitely is.
Kikuchi: What I need to do for DYGL is to help the bookings in America. I have planned events in Japan but need to see how it works in Japan. I will give it a try once and try again for DYGL when they come. The Orwells or band in same generation and has same passion could be an interesting band to play with.
-We need to talk what have changed in a year.
Akiyama:Can’t imagine anything. Hopefully interview like this in America!
Kikuchi: Just keep expressing and updating my value constantly.

[Post-fin] This interview was the end of Sep in 2014. Has been 4 months and things around them already updated. Ykiki beat did support act of The Drums in Dec and one of the member left DYGL. Kiku-rin started support Ykiki Beat as well and on recording now. Keep following up with their fast-moving figure in 2015.

(Translation/KURAMOCHI Emi)

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