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This is what I can do who has made a defeat declaration - Interview with Rui Sekiguchi (ex. The Mirraz)


I cannot be the axis of youth culture

-It seems like it is not much aggressive forward. How did you launch the GOOD VIBRATIONS after joining where you work at?
Rui:When I joined, the company told me “You have connections from your musician activity, we would like you to use those to the job”, because it was a music company in the past. There were so many things to remember, so at first I could not do anything. But if the company wants my connections, I thought I would plan an event by myself, and I proposed it to the company. I made the concept and the plan name. There are designers at company but I had images of logo and design, so I thought it would be faster to make the plan paper by myself, and I made it. Of course, booking including.
-I see. You chose Teen runnings, Awesome City Club for the Vol.1. What was your purpose of the project?
Rui:I've got a few, and one of them was my desire of making a place of ”connecting younger and older generation". Before joining in the company, I had a good relationship with Mr. Matsuzaka, who plays the base guitar at Awesome City club. I liked their music, so I had a vague thoughts that if they could perform at the event. So I asked him and he said okay. To make a integrity of the music, I asked Mr. Matsuzaka which band Awesome City Club wants to play with, and Mr. Suda came out. I invited Teen Runnings too because I simply thought they would fit with the purpose of the event.
『Lesson/Awesome City Club』
Another concept was “doing things which I cannot do at music venue.” I wanted artists and visitors both enjoy a holiday afternoon. For me, lying down while watching and listening to the artists was fine. Luckily, we had a place “STUDIO 38” which was close to Jojoen and other high society shops, so I wanted audience to listen to music calmly while looking at the view from the 38th floor of Ebisu Garden Place. Like, acoustic session live in Seattle KEXP or Tame Impala’s movie. Because we could not make a loud sound due to its location, I thought playing songs with not only the band set, but also a guitar and a synthesizer only or something like that would be nice.
I believe the first event was succeeded due to Teen Running. Mr. Kaneko, the vocal of the band said, “we play songs loosely and you visitors can sleep if you want.” The time really went slowly and relaxing. They were playing songs with sound of the water waves behind the scene. Some audience actually slept. Lol. Teen Runnings actually did live performance with the concept of what visitors can spend fun time in the venue of GOOD VIBRATION, and Awesome city club and Mr. Sudo inherited and the event was a success. Nowadays younger scene has been changing, and I thought we could realize it. There were some parts I sympathized with them too.
-While you call younger people as new bread of human, you have some parts you sympathize with them. Was there any trigger, which changed your mind?
Rui: To say, Yogee New Waves, Your Romance and Never Young Beach are Satori generation, which is satisfied with their simple lifestyle. And we are Yutori generation, which is a generation of less-studying system, right? So I do not like to separate between generations that much. But their sense is overwhelmingly different, I admire them, but I also think I should catch up with them because I’m jealous. Like, I desperately try to get a grip with young generation. That was what I was thinking. However, there also was me seeing younger people taking a step backward, due to different sense with them. For me, I thought it would be completely tough to do something with them.

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