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This is what I can do who has made a defeat declaration - Interview with Rui Sekiguchi (ex. The Mirraz)

I am really not sure where I made a "loser declaration” in my mind… A trigger was a Taico club last year. When I was a member of The Mirraz, I was busy with tours, recordings, promotions and so on. But while that time, my local friends or friends of same age had a summer vacation of their schools and university, and played around to somewhere. I could not participate with them, going to Taico club too. Thus, I quite The Mirraz and I was thinking as “my barely youth starts from here”, but most of my friends had settled down at that time… Some of them got married, having babies, or others have changed jobs and gone back to their local town.
When you feel the difference in the kind of tension. Well I and I one in the "future is but youth!" Maybe I should hang in there to like, but it I was feeling it cannot be. I felt my feeling was different from them. Well, I could be “Let’s enjoy my springtime of life from now on!” but I thought couldn’t do that.

There is something only underdog can see

-You sound like you are negative, but you thought you tried to approach in different way to younger generation, didn't you?
Rui:This is completely loser's whining, but... there should be something like aesthetics of loser. I might no be able to go to the axis of youth culture. Beck made a song "Loser for the debut song, and I'm thinking a bit to do something like that. I believe there is something only loser can see.
-Because it is GOOD VIBRATION, you planned to connect younger and older generation. Not because of only you have jealous but you also want to hook them up.
Rui:Yeah. Younger people, or youth culture is fun too see from outside, so I want to cheer them up. This is such a boosy way to say, but I think Yogee New Waves will absolutely be an amazing band.
There are always charismas in all the era. Like, a spokesman for the era. It started by Mick Jagger, then Sid Vicious, Ian Curtis, and Morrissey. I do not listen to Japanese songs that much so I am not really sure, but I have been thinking that the latest spokesperson that came out during my era is Mr. Mineta.
-When we were junior high, and high school students...
Rui:Oh yeah. Around junior high and high school era. I did not sympathize that much but we played BABY BABY and others at school festivals… But later, there is not so much. I think Mr. Oyamada from Anymore makes really nice lyrics, but he doesn’t seem like representative of youth culture.
-He is aloof from the world.
Rui:Yeah. But, I feel Mr. Kakudate’s charisma from his lyrics. Or to say, lyrics shows younger people’s stance such as “not seeing the reality.” They are okay with being in that tiny frame, be flippant.

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