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This is what I can do who has made a defeat declaration - Interview with Rui Sekiguchi (ex. The Mirraz)

There is something only underdog can see

-I wonder if that is like escaping to Utopia.
Rui:The album "Paraiso" by Yogee is what I feel like it. In some cases, those are gloomy. The song "Hello Ethiopia" too. When they explain about the song In MC, they said "this is a fantasy that four of us went to Southern island". Exactly, I feel this song speaks for younger people's feelings. This is justly like the youth culture.
『Hello Ethiopia/Yogee New Waves』
-I see. That is why you invited them to "GOOD VIBRATIONS Vol.2" on February 7th. Yogee New Waves, Odotte bakari no kuni (踊ってばかりの国), and Keiichi Sokabe.
Rui:Yeah. Thankfully, I had connections from when I was a member of The Mirraz. So I wanted to introduce Mr. Sudo with existence of youth, Teen Runnning, which is the youngest existence. For this time, I wanted to connect Yogee, Odotte bakari no kuni (踊ってばかりの国), and Mr. Sogabe from Yogee. I don’t know what to say why I wanted to connect them.
-Personally I'm looking forward to it very much. You found out where you stand at by the loser declaration. You understand what older people say, but it is somehow stuffy. Of course younger people’s sense is amazing, but you see them with bird-eyes view. Because there is no place even in above and below, I think that you are being role to translate them, is this correct?
Rui:That is “alone throughout heaven and earth”. At last I would like to make a place or community for our generation though. This is because this Yutori generation is very lonely, and I want to connect people who have similar sense. And, when I think of the best way to make it, that is the music for me. Of course GOOD VIBRATION could be one of my life work too. Rather than as a planner side, I have wishes that I would like to release songs as a musician.
Now I'm making a song like an "underdog declaration", temporary named "End of youth". Not Kampaku (Emperor's chief advisor) declaration, but a declaration of defeat. Lol. I feel some responses to the song, and I want to tale good care of it in the future too, so I am asking several people to compose it together. To tell the truth, I recently faced to "the death" of familiar person... When I was thinking about life which you don't know when you die, I thought I should be "I've done everything", not to regret.
-Does that mean you would not hesitate to express what you want to do?
Rui:Yeah. So I hope I get interviewed again when I take more steps. With the title of "Counterattack by underdog generation". Lol.
(Translation/ENOMOTO Urara)

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