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Two Girls from Spain Explain Why "An Unreal Future is Coming"


You should do what you want to do, and say what you want to say

-I especially like the lyrics for "Misery Factory" towards the beginning of the album; "Misery factory running the world/Its engines killing people/Rats in the box/Taking dogshit and hope". Why did you go with the metaphor of a "misery factory"?
Jazz:That's a pretty difficult question , haha. When we were skipping school we wrote this song. When we played it at a concert I said "we wrote this song when we were skipping school!" and then I realized my mom was there that day. That's one stupid story... Uhm, what was the question?
Carla :Yeah. For us this song is "the song we wrote while skipping school". To seriously answer your question--in Spain they say you're free to express yourself, but people go to jail for making political tweets or music, so it's not true. So the concept is "hey, be yourself and fuck the rest".
-Thank you. One of the concepts of this magazine is to stimulate people who have a dream but are feeling lost or frustrated. I felt what you do fits that as well and wanted to interview you. Do you have any message along those lines?
Jazz:If you want to do or accomplish something, you have to keep doing it. Even if you get close to your dream, you can't be satisfied and stop there. You have to keep going. Like our lives changed completely in one year, I think you can have an unreal future in your hands too. If you have something important, you just need to put the effort into it.
Carla :Yeah. Anyway if there' s something you want to do or make come true, you have to keep doing it. That makes things happen.If you pour all your energy into it.
Jazz:Ah, this is my father's boring advice: "always keep your feet on the ground". Maybe it's not always the best to do what you want.[laughs]
-Like you said before, the music on this album is based on the frustration you felt in high school. Now that you're making your dreams a reality how do you think your music is going to change in the future?
Carla :I think the themes will be more mature. But we'll keep being spontaneous. We're recording our everyday lives because we like it, and this is how we play and it's real.
Jazz:We don't wanna be mass produced and we don't want that real part of our sound to change. We're elaborating on our sound. We're experimenting more now, so there isn't much we can say, but we're working on making it more compact and deeper. We play better live than we did before too.[laughs]
-This is the last question. How can you describe your band in 3 words?
Carla :"Real".
Jazz:"Fresh". And maybe "funny"?
-Thank you! Have a great birthday! We hope you come to Japan soon.
Jazz:Thank you! We want to go to Japan, so I think it will happen someday! 
Carla :We had fun!
Photo Credit:Carla Pérez Vas
Translator:MATSUFUJI Miri

『Your Brain is made of Candy』MOURN

Afterword:This interview started from talking with Oyamada from Tugboat Records, who sent me an email after reading Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Miri Matsufuji, who works as a photographer, did the interpreting. I think because she's around the same age as the band we could have a conversation more natural than those in normal stiff music magazine interviews. "There's nothing embarrassing about having a Plan B. Do what you want to do" really hit home for me. After the interview the girls sent a message saying "Can we add you two on Facebook? Also tell us Miri's URL!" which was funny and made me happy. Without being pretentious artists they're just having fun with their lives. There's a lot we can learn from their attitudes.
(Translation/BOWEN Casey)
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