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To the Paraiso.
-Where is the paradise drawn by Kengo Kakudate, from Yogee New Waves-


I wonder what's wrong with trying to deliver songs to many people.

-Now I would like to ask about the circumstances surrounding the Kengo-kun. 1st album came out last year, 7inch was released too, and events you performed have limited admissions. It seems like the situation surrounding you have changed, and what do you think about it?
Kengo:I really feel the situation has been changing, and I sometimes think about stratum who listen to our music. It is glad people who have keen hearing finds out our music. And now not only those fast people, but even people who don't likely to listen to indie rock.
For example, we've got qualification to play at Rock in Japan Fes, and some supporters from old days said, "this is sell-out", but I wonder what would be bad to perform our songs to various people.
By my relationship of my friends, or by my music, any opportunity is fine. Coming to our live performing and you like us, is what I think very much wonderful. It's fantastic to be liked by those actions. Thus I think people who throw cold water to it have such a narrow field of view.
-That is, you appreciate the situation you get to focus on by many people now, and you strongly want to send your feeling to as many people as possible.
Kengo:That's true. This is what I think I could say to any artistic expression, and I've put what I want to say in "Fantastic Show", and has also been put in the album "Paraiso", and the song everyone like ; "Climax Night." For me, there is no corner‐cutting songs, everything is at the same dear ones, so I don't think about the needs or trended music, when I write songs. I would like to send our songs to as many people as possible at the same time.



-There will be a large festivals or events from this summer to autumn, and I would like to hear your enthusiasm and message for your fans.
Kengo:Possibely everyone would be feeling "Oh, indie has been becoming lively these days", and this sense is right. And I think those rising or momentums are important for scenes or cultures.
If there is not such excitement or feelings to cheer up, the culture would die. I have a strong awareness of it.
That's why I didn't feel guilty to perform at ROCK IN JAPAN at all, and it is wholesome idea of ROCK IN JAPAN people chose Mitsume or Yogee.
One thing I would like to say is that "I would not betray. Let's face indie industry with gentle and calm feelings, and cheer up together." The thing major indusry has and indie does not have is amount of money only (laughs).
And this is what I can't tell the detail yet, but we will hold an event Yogee presents in early fall. It's gonna be an event which grabs nowadays culture scene, so let's enjoy together. That's all (laughs).
Sequel:"the future magazine" started to be a media which tells how they see the future from the current point of view.
However, many of excellent creators behavior does not misled by surroundings or noise, instead they go in according to their own rules, and the way against his own creation does not change in the past, current nor the future.
Kengo Kakudate, from Yogee New Waves, will also face to his inside feelings, and keep represent his emotions no matter how far he goes.
Where the Paraiso is--. Staying with him for a day, I felt like I could catch a glimpse of answer to it.
(Translation/ENOMOTO Urara)
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